What If You Were More Confident About Your Business?

Confidence is the entrepreneur’s greatest gift to self – Alon Raiz

Whether you are starting or growing your business, confidence is an essential ingredient of your personal power.  Confidence is a belief that you have the ability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  It is an “I Can” attitude that gives you the drive to “go for it”.

What would you achieve in your business if you were more confident?

Imagine!  Who would your customer be, what problem would you solve for them, what would you charge and how would you approach them?  Who would your personnel and suppliers be?  How would your business operate; for how much profit?

Dr. Lickerman states that confidence occurs in three realms, namely,

  1. Belief in your intrinsic worth. Also called self-esteem, this is a belief that you have a right to exist.  For me this is defined by my belief in God.  It is an answer to the big WHY of life.  What difference would your business make in the world if you were certain of your big WHY?  
  2. Belief in your own competence. The more competence (knowledge and skill) you have in an area the more confident you will be in that area.  What if you had more confidence in your own knowledge, strengths and skills? What would you dare to do?
  3. Belief in your ability to learn and problem solve.   You will never know everything in business.  As an accountant, for example, you may not have the skills to sell.

If you were confident about your ability to learn, what skills and attitudes would you learn in order to take your business to greater heights?

How to build more confidence in your business

  1. Find and connect to your big WHYIt will give your business meaning, improve your performance and inspire your staff.
  2. Own your strengths and competence – Make a list of all your skills, strengths and past successes. Be grateful for them.   Reinforce them by using affirmations.
  3. Own where you areWhether you are starting or growing your business, gather as much information about the business as possible.   Know the market.  Have a clear vision, a robust business model, concomitant SMART goals and implementation plan. If you already own a business assess your own behaviour as the leader, your products and services, finances, customer experience, strategy, operations.  Get feedback from stakeholders.
  4. Acknowledge and accept past failures, fears and other blocks. Lack of confidence is a result of self-limiting beliefs about failure.  You have internalised failure instead of taking it as a natural process of learning.  What failures have you internalised?  Choose to learn from those experiences.
  5. Set SMART goals. Vague, unrealistic and unachievable goals lead to failure and may crash your confidence.  Start by setting easy wins and as your confidence grows give your goals more stretch.
  6. Visualise success.
  7. Fake it till you make it. You do not need to feel confident in order to project confidence.  Dress and act the part before you “make it”.
  8. Plan for failure. Know what can go wrong in order to recognise hurdles and adjust timeously.
  9. Celebrate and create a memorable experience out of every success
  10. Learn and model others who have succeeded.  Find a business coach to apply what you are learning consistently.


At BizOil Institute we accelerate your power to grow your business. Through coaching and training let us partner with you to build your confidence and increase your personal power to start and grow your business.

For additional resources:  Todd Dewett – Building Self Confidence.