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Nomvuyo Bengane


Nomvuyo Bengane

  • Internationally accredited Business Coach
  • Mentor
  • Facilitator
  • Director at  BizOil Institute Pty Ltd

June 2021 Step Into Possibility Masterclass

Topic: What happens in the first 3 years of a Startup?
Date: 19 June 2021

Guest Speaker

Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela

Apiwe broke boundaries when she became South Africa’s first female black brew master. She is passionate about Africa and the development of its people including showcasing to the world the great beers of the African continent

Apiwe is the founder of Tolokazi Beer and Brewsters Craft. She is currently a Director of Ezimyoli Beverages and is the Beer Relations Manager at the Beer Association of SA. She is also the Chairperson of The Board Of Directors For Beer Association Of South Africa (2018 To Date). She has served in various positions of The Craft Brewers Association Of South Africa (2015 – 2020).

Apiwe Nxusani Bizoil

She possesses a B Sc degree (Wits); B Sc Hons (University of Pretoria); Diploma in Brewing (Institute Of Brewing And Distilling); National Diploma in Clear Fermented Beverages (Brewing And Accreditation Body); Master Brewer (Institute Of Brewing And Distilling) and a Certificate for Thought Leadership for Africa’s renewal (UNISA). She has many other certificates.

Sezanele Zondi

Past Guest

Sezanele Zondi

    • Sezanele Zondi is a Business Mentor, Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Philantropist.
    • She is the Founder of Sez Foundation, an NPO that advocates for restoring the dignity of a girl child, and against Teenage Pregnancy.
    • Ms. Zondi is also a Public Speaker who believes that nothing is impossible if you put your mind on it.
    • She holds an MBA, B Tech in Marketing, Advance Management Diploma, Certificate in Project Management, Diploma in Ministry, and National Diploma in Marketing and is a Certified Life Coach.
    • Sezanele has over 10 years’ experience in Enterprise Development within Funding Divisions of companies like Land Bank, ABSA Bank’s Development Centre and currently the government parastatal MEGA.

Past Guest

Busi Selesho

  • Internationally Accredited Money Coach,
  • Money Consciousness Teacher,
  • Award Winning Best-Selling Author,
  • and Energy Healer

She is listed as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Young South Africans in 2017 by Avance Media She is an Award Winning Author of a Best-Selling book called Money and Black People: Why black people don ’t have money, and how to heal your money story.

Busi Selesho Image

Past Guest

Nthabi Taukobong

  • Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Author of The Real Interior and Founder of Ditau Interiors.
  • As one of the first Black Interior designers in South Africa, Nthabi Taukobong has had a career spanning over 23 years in the industry working on esteemed residential and leisure projects for Presidents, African Royalty, top CEO’s, South Africa’s 5 Star Hotel groups and even the Governor of the Reserve Bank (to name but a few).
  • She has undertaken projects spanning from Johannesburg, to Mauritius, Rwanda, DRC, and Nigeria and as far afield as Ethiopia.
  • Nthabi is one of the most celebrated Interior Designers in the industry and in her recently published book, The REAL Interior, she reveals all the ins about her designer world.
  • At The Step Into Possibility MasterClass she shares her entrepreneurial journey in order to encourage and inspire startup entrepreneurs.

Past Guest

Lindani P. Dhlomo

  • Mentor.
  • Coach.
  • Author of “Business is Life & Life is Service” and “The Journey of a Million Steps”.
  • Board Chairperson of Invotech an Innovative Digital Incubator based at the DUT.
  • Serving in the Boards and Committees of Smart Xchange and National Construction Incubator.
  • Executive Director of Mind Tunes (Pty) focussing on Strategy Planning and Development.
Lindani P Dhlomo
Ntando Maseko

Past Guest

Ntando Maseko

Ntando Maseko is a motivated Business Consultant who has a Masters Business Administration degree and is currently working towards his PhD in Innovation Management. He has a successful track record in Management Consultancy, training SMEs in various management disciplines and developing internal controls and performance review systems.  Ntando loves to  help entrepreneurs thrive by being sound leaders who build valuable businesses.

Past Guest



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