One-on-One Business Coaching

(Online and/or Face-to-Face)

The world of business is dynamic and complex.  Technological advances, competitionand other factors impact business.Every business owner requires coaching to successfully navigate their business effectively through challenges so that it remains relevant and profitable.

We are a partner in your business who cares about your personal development as well as the growth of your business.  We coach you to develop a prosperity mindset so that you remain resourceful and joyful most of the time.  We make you aware of your own greatness.  As a result you gain clarity, confidence, commitment and power to lead yourself and your team to achieve your business objectives.

  • We create an environment of confidentiality, trust and rapport in which you are comfortable.
  • We ask you profound questions that help you gain clarity and insight into your vision for your business as well as the current landscape of your life and your business
  • We give you feedback. We mirror and reflect your thoughts so that you can see your limiting beliefs which block your path to success.
  • We challenge you so that, mindful of your strengths and weaknesses, you can venture into business opportunities you have never previously considered.
  • From this powerful position of clarity and insight, you will be able to weigh up different possibilities, choose the most effective option and set SMART goals regarding your plans for your business and for your personal development.
  • We elicit winning strategies and work with you to develop skills and acquire resources that help you to lead yourself and your business successfully.
  • We hold you accountable for achieving the goals that you have set for yourself and your business so that you can remain on track with your business vision.
  • We provide emotional support where necessary so that you can face your fears and move forward with confidence.
  • Where we can, we link you with professionals and organizations that can assist you in solving problems that are beyond the scope of business coaching.
  • We assist you to balance your personal with your business life.


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