Strategy Planning

Nomvuyo Bengane

“The Oil Lady”

Founder & Executive Director
Entrepreneur ● Business Coach ● Trainer

B Sc Hons (Psych) H. Dip Education; NLP; Diploma in Bookkeeping;
Diploma in Project Management (and many other short business courses)

Nomvuyo has over 27 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and has acquired business acumen in all aspects of business – from Strategy planning and implementation to Marketing, Sales, Operational Systems, Finance and Human Resources.

Her life purpose is to coach and train individuals and teams to discover, master, multiply and sell their “Oil” so that they and their organisations can prosper. “Oil” is the inner greatness in each person.

Her two main strengths are (1) the ability to intuitively recognize other people strengths and (2) the ability to see the big picture. When these strengths are applied in a coaching context, her clients gain greater self-confidence and a broader perspective from which they can make powerfully courageous decisions that lead to success and prosperity for themselves and their organisations.

Welcome to BizOil Institute (Pty) Ltd

A Level 1 BEE Company

We will inspire, coach, train and support you and your team
to express your greatness and prosper holistically;

Our Vision

Leaders in unleashing holistic prosperity for our clients,
their organisations and their communities.

Our Values

Integrity ● Collaboration ● Passion ● Individuality ● Excellence

Our Beliefs About You

You are the expert of your own life
You deserve to prosper in all areas of your life,
that is, you can be joyful, healthy, have good relationships,
have a profitable business and/or successful career,
enjoy financial freedom, and make a difference in the world.

You can have it all!!!


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