Prioritise Priorities

Talk about it and it is a dream. Envision it and it becomes exciting. Plan it and it becomes possible. Schedule it and it will become real.  – Anthony Robbins You work hard and are continuously striving for success but somehow it eludes you.  You go to bed wondering why you […]

Your Platinum Priorities

As a business owner, how often do you find yourself starting a task then leaving it to start another more urgent one?  Then even before you could complete the second task you are “expected” to jump and do something else.   Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed by the belief that […]

Is Your Fear of Money Keeping You Stuck?

Are you shackled by money?  Are you irrationally afraid of not having enough of it; petrified of losing it; overly anxious when you have to ask for it; or scared of spending it? You may be frustrated that you are not meeting your financial goals.  Maybe the thought of having too […]