8 Reasons Why You Must Focus On Learning In Order To Achieve Success.

You had set your goals!  You have executed!  What then?

You have just received exciting news of your success!

You’ve got the deal – it was a tough pitch yet you made it! or

You’ve aced the interview and now the job of your dreams is yours;

After celebrating your success, do you look back to find the valuable lessons behind your success?

What made you succeed?

What will you repeat in order to ensure future success?

Where else are you going to apply the lessons?

What did not work?  Even with success there are areas that can be improved.

Sometimes the outcome of your actions is not success – it is failure. 

Maybe your sales pitch sucked and you did not get the deal.

Maybe the interview went well and you were confident that you’ve got your dream job only to receive a letter of regret a few days later.

After processing your disappointment, do you have the courage to look back at your mistakes and admit them? 

Do you evaluate and get feedback from others.

What did not work and why?

What will you do differently next time?

What will you avoid in future?

Is there any part that was a success? Even if the final result was a failure, there will be areas of success.

Every experience taken in the direction of achieving your goals is an opportunity to learn -whether you achieve your goal or not.

When you focus on learning, you will

  1. be mindful and open minded.
  2. appreciate every outcome of your efforts towards achieving your goal. This helps you to remain in a resourceful state and exude positive energy even in the face of failure;
  3. recognise your strengths and areas that need improvement;
  4. recognise progress, that is, the minor successes that ultimately result in the “big” success”
  5. be “sharpening your saw” – giving yourself the emotional and mental break in order to re-energize;
  6. identify actions required to improve performance. Then you will be prepared for the next feat with alternative innovative solutions;
  7. program your mind for success.
  8. be more astute and grow in wisdom which can be applied even in different situations.

Whatever your mind focusses on grows. 

The lessons get into your subconscious and serve as a guide in decision making

Learning the lessons assures you of success – faster.  The gap between where you are and where you want to be will be exponentially narrowed as you remain in a state of positive energy and learn alternate innovative ways of achieving your goals.

When you do that you remain focused and goal-directed consistently – you increase your personal power.

At BizOil Institute we accelerate your power to grow your business. Through coaching and training let us accelerate your learning from every meaningful experience so that you can successfully grow your business